Marsha Smith, LCSW

Marsha Smith

Reflecting on inner experience, in an empathic relationship, not only allows you to understand yourself better, it helps you to feel better and naturally leads to new insights and steps forward to make the changes that you want.  I’m committed to helping people to enhance their strengths and develop new skills, using therapy and education, for emotional healing and lifelong positive change.

I’ve been helping people for over 25 years to strengthen their mental health to deal better with life issues and live more fully. The purpose of my work is to provide support to enhance your natural abilities and resilience to deal well with challenges in any area of your life. My training and experience in therapy and healing practices and my own personal growth have led me to understand the steps in therapy that lead to effective growth and change. With experiential therapies, education, and skills of listening and empathy, I help you to explore changes and find answers within to resolve problems and find more happiness and wellbeing in your life.

I welcome you to read more about my counseling services and mindfulness and focusing workshops. Feel free to contact me to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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